Party Animal Birthday

Party Animal Birthday

When I started planning this birthday of Jaxon’s, I remember having a few ideas going on in my head - Toy Story, Little Blue Truck, all things he loved, but nothing was clicking. Then I came across this amazing Party Animal collection and was in love. Jaxon loves all animals, especially farm and jungle, so I knew this would be a hit for him. 


I created this invitation specifically for Jaxon and you can get one for yourself and fully customize it here!


Decor consisted of lots of color, balloons + more balloons and of course, adorable animals!


My father-in-law cooked hotdogs for everyone while I handled the snacks and cake. I kept the cake and cupcakes super simple for time purposes but the toppers did the talking anyway. With those and sprinkles, everything fit right in. 

The cake mix for both I used funfetti boxed mix and my Easy Peasy Buttercream Icing. It’s always a hit at every birthday we do. 


I got little mason jars from Walmart and filled them with animal crackers. I also had an “Adopt a Monkey” station with 4 different colored monkeys from Dollar Tree!


This was all about water, water and more water because it was HOT! (Jaxon’s birthday is mid-July) But TIP: Make sure to put on the invitation for guests to bring swimsuits and towels. LOL! I completely forgot but thank goodness I’m addicted to buying swimsuits and leotards for my kids as much as am balloons so there was plenty to go around. 

Overall, we had an absolute blast and couldn’t thank everyone enough that came out to celebrate with our little, wild party animal!


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