Jax-Man’s Superhero Birthday Party

Jax-Man’s Superhero Birthday Party

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! We called together all the superheroes to celebrate Jaxon turning FIVE! He has been Spiderman-obsessed for a few months now so when we gave him some themes to choose from, I was not surprised that Avengers was his choice.

Jaxon's birthday falls in July which can make it hard because it is SO hot! The party was 50/50 inside and outside with activities in each so guests felt ok about going back and forth. 

Alright! Let's jump into all the fun superhero things!


I think every celebration deserves an entrance so at the party I had a jumbo balloon with tassels to lead guests in. Later, I added a welcome sign for inspiration for later. 

(Welcome sign made on acrylic, paint custom designs printed on removable vinyl with cricut!)

 As you came into our home, you were greeted with a "HERO UP" station where guests grabbed a cape and mask in the color of their choice. Then, you "soared" down the hallway through clouds and themed lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 


Let's go into activities because the first one was to decorate your cape and mask.

We gave kids about 30 minutes to arrive, chat with eachother and get their gear made. Then the biggest surprise of the party arrived - SPIDERMAN!!

We couldn't believe he was able to take an afternoon off from saving the world to come party with us! Ok, but for real, I reached out to Characters.io of Raleigh and they were FANTASTIC to work with. The Spiderman character was absolutely amazing with the kids, beasted through the heat and participated in whatever the kids asked. Some activities they did together were: 

- Spiderman Says (like Simon Says)

- Hide and Seek

- Silly String Fight

- Story time about one of his grand adventures

- he sang Happy Birthday to Jaxon with us

- gave Jax a 1-on-1 superhero spidey training

- took photos with everyone and anyone that wanted them.

When Spiderman left the party, I remember stating that I needed him at every party forever and always because he made entertaining the kids SO easy!

(playing Spiderman Says)

(going over the Silly String fight rules)

(storytime - the kids are zoned in!)

(Jax's Spidey training)

(pics with other friends)


This was an afternoon party so we did not provide any sort of meal. We went with a few yummy, themed snacks, chips and juice/water. 

The cake

The cake was made by Casey at Grace Lane Creations - it was absolutely perfect and so delicious! Casey has done all of our cakes and cupcakes for local events recently and has gone above and beyond each time. I can not recommend enough!


Beautiful, delicious cookies were made by Yall Need Cookies out of Durham, NC.

We also had Avengers gummies, Captain America crispies (Thank you Independence Day season), popcorn, Thor hammers (with pretzel sticks and cheese cubes), fruit dip with fruit shaped like a shield and Hulk Punch!

To make the Hulk Punch, simply mix a jug of green Hawaiian Punch, 6 oz. can of pineapple juice and 7up/Sprite (this amount depends on how "spicy" your kids like it, lol).


Almost all of the favors came from Party City. We went for "not so character" on tableware and decor so when it came to the favors, it was Avengers all the way and Party City had everything we needed, including tattoos, bubbles, tumbler cups, and wristbands.

I found bracelets on Amazon and got the favor containers from Dollar Tree. I just cut a superhero mask on the cricut and put that on front. 

All plates, cups and napkins were from the Superhero collection at Confetti Pop Party Co. I found the awesome city scape cupcake stands on Amazon. I also added some pages from vintage comics down as a table runner. 

Lastly, we had a city scape gift station set up with a banner and "buildings" made out of cardboard and yellow duct tape!

(banner from Confetti Pop Party Co., Captain America mylar from Party City)

All in all, it was such a wonderful day celebrating our Jax-Man and I hope he'll remember it, but if not, I know I definitely will forever and that's why we have these pics to look back on! I know all the kids had a blast. We even beat the heat with water balloons and a small pool. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope this gives you some inspiration to throw your own Superhero Party in the future!

(more pics)

(Jaxon with his Gamma and Papa)

(Jax flexing with his cousins)

(our party backdrop with Jax in his Spidey-get up)

Until next time, 

Life is a celebration, so LET'S PARTY!!

with love and confetti, 

Ashley V.


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